Hey there everyone! I’m back in the bloggin‘ game with the big brother of my former series NFIYE (New Flava In Ya Ear). I’m adressin‘ you in English because the YPHOT will be multilingual. There will be a French influence because the music from our neighbours is one of the most appealing to me right now as well as a Dutch one. Thats because I got the opportunity to dig into the Dutch music scene while living in the Netherlands for a couple of months. No worries, German and English music will continue to have their spot and furthermore, there will be some exotic surprises as well.

I don’t speak French or Dutch but music works for me without understanding the lyrics. I like music when it sounds appealing, when it triggers emotions, when it gets me dancin‘ or when I feel the vibe. I’m sorry that I can’t describe it more narrow but I think it’s okay because we are talking about music and not science. I’d rather like to let the music speak for itself instead of trying to define it. Nevertheless, I would like to explain what you can expect from YPHOT.

You’ll have fun with this series if you think autotune is a stylistic element rather than an illness, if you think music is a free way of emotional expression rather than stringing together rhymes caged in sixteen bars and if you would like to dig a little deeper beneath the already well known from the surface. Everything posted here is because I like it in some kind of way. You can see this series as a monthly recommendation of my taste. It’s not a series that keeps you up to date about everything but the songs will be recent ones. I’m usually spending countless hours of browsing through different music so I’m pretty confident that you’ll find unheard songs by the stars of tomorrow.

This week with music from: Holy Modee, Kringili & Alex Megas, SOS, Disiz La Peste, Esco Esco, Garma Kang, KPoint, Abra Cadabra & Kush, Gangthelabel and Sfera Ebbasta. A journey from the Netherlands to Germany, to France, to Belgium, to Switzerland, to the United Kingdom and to Italy. Enjoy YPHOT #1!


(GER) Holy Modee – WIDU
My favourite german artist of all time. He never disappoints. The new free Mixtape „LALILALOCA“ is out now.


(NL) Kringili & Alex Megas – Cup Omhoog
Straight outta Tilburg. And since I’m livin‘ there I gotta support these guys!


(CH) SOS – Safe
I was not sure in which language the guys were rappin‘ in the beginning but the comments helped me out. It is Swiss German!


(FR) Disiz La Peste – Autre espèce
Wow. Must be from outta space. I get goosebumps.


(GER) Esco Esco – Warum RMX (Whip)
Love his voice! Spanish part included.


(GER/US) GARMA KANG – 3rd Chamber
Uff. Shit is bangin‘!


(FR) KPoint – La Quotidienne
I’ve listened to this song already more than ten times today.


(UK) Abra Cadabra & Kush – The Roads
Melodrama at its best.


(B) Gangthelabel – Gas In My Motor
Nothing from the US this time but guys from Belgium mumbling in englisch.


(IT) Sfera Ebbasta – Notti (Prod. Charlie Charles)
Found this song through a french page.

Listen to all the videos in the playlist YPHOT: YOSCHA PRESENTS HITS OF TOMORROW #1.

For more music see my previous YPHOT posts.
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We’ll see and hear each other next month!

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