Hello everyone! There we go with the second episode of YPHOT. This time it is even more diverse than the last time. We have ten songs from ten different countries! I really like the fact that these songs are able to trigger my emotions just by the sound. Imagine how many people could be reached if there were no language barrier. Have fun discovering!

This week with music from: RRR Mob, Derek Wise, Jok’air, Pronto, THEY., Adrijana, JACE, BKO, BRINGHIM, Nixon, Ghost, Kojo Funds. A journey from the Netherlands to Germany, to France, to Belgium, to Swizzerland, to the United Kingdom, to Sweden, to Canada, to the United States Of America and to Italy. Enjoy YPHOT #2!

(IT) RRR Mob – Wooh

Only had 20K views when I found it. Not sure if these onesis are related to carnival or fashion.


His Album „Inglorious“ is out now and a recommendation!


(FR) Jok’air – La mélodie des quartiers pauvres
Bitter sweet symphony. Very esthetic video.


(CH) Pronto – Clean
From Switzerland to Milano to the world wide web.


Their debut album „Nu Religion: Hyena“ is out now.


(S) Adrijana – Kan Nt Med Mig
Sweden in the house. Sound, video, everything done right.


(GER) JACE – Komme vorbei
I’m honestly wondering if it is his everyday- or shooting-outfit?


(NL) BKO – 3 Chicks
Where are the chicks? I only see energy drink product placement.


(B) BRINGHIM – Chronology (Feat. Nixon)
Awesome sound with this English/French mix.


(UK) Ghost feat. Kojo Funds – Hustler
It is an anthem. It is a movie.

Listen to all the videos in the playlist YPHOT: YOSCHA PRESENTS HITS OF TOMORROW #2.

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We’ll see and hear each other next month!

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