Buonasera! Lately I had the idea that listening to music in foreign languages can help to feel the vibe of the music even better. If I don’t understand what the artists are saying, I don’t get distracted by the content. This month we have samples from ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ?? and ?? to validate my theory. Enjoy YPHOT #3!

This week with music from: MZ, Chich, Alonzo, MHD, Joey Bargeld, OSVKV, Sfera Ebbasta, Watson, J Hus, Jireel, Danien, Theø, Sevn Alias.

A journey from France, to Germany, to Italy, to the Netherlands, to the United States Of America, to the United Kingdom and to Sweden.

Listen to all the muisic in the playlist YPHOT: YOSCHA PRESENTS HITS OF TOMORROW #3.

?? (FR): MZ – Dans mon Club (inédit) ft. Chich
So easy, so melodic, so nice.


?? (FR): Alonzo – Feu d’artifice ft. MHD
The energy is incredible! I swear this can make an elephant twerk.


?? (GER): Joey Bargeld ✖️► DROGEN ◄✖️
Scary and beautiful at the same time.


?? (GER): OSVKV – 1988 ( Marvin SLikK )
Straight outta Hamburg. Shoutout Gabriel Hendrixx!


?? (IT): Sfera Ebbasta – Dexter
I have a catchy tune since weeks. „Dexter, ciuffo rosso, naso all’insù…“


?? (US): Watson – Confident
 „And I’m feeling confident but thats just the gin.“


?? (UK): J Hus – Did You See
Also a catchy tune since weeks. „Did you see what I done? Came in a black Benz, left in a white one.“ Magic!


?? (SE): Jireel – Cataleya
Catchy tunes only! I sould rename the series into „Catchy Tunes Of Tomorrow“.


?? (IT): Danien & Theø – Lollipop
I found the rapper with the most beautiful hair in the game!


?? (NL): Sevn Alias – Qifesh (Prod. Rey Muzik)
He’s the hit machine from the Netherlands. You can’t go out without hearing his song „Gass„.


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