Music, and the Internet are both tools which enable us to communicate and to access information globally. I’m using these tools to give you a glimps of the cultural development, the adaption process of unification and distinction, which happens constantly. This time with songs from ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, and ??. Let me start #YPHOT with the wise words of Tinie Tempah: „Yeah culture man, culture… Africa, Louis Vitton, fashion, everything… Chains, gold, everyone is speaking the same language, everyone.“*

Featured artists with link to their Facebook page: Jiddy, Gros Mo, Billy Bats, Nepal, Kwamz & Flava, Higher Brothers, Famous Dex, Ramriddlz, Pouya, Ghostemane, Damso, Achille Lauro, Gemitaiz, Yung Nnelg, Bokoesam, Lethal Bizzle and Skepta.

A journey from France, to the United Kingdom, to China, to Canada, to the United States Of America, to Belgium, to Italy and to the Netherlands. Thanks to my Italian co-author Laura and my photographer Philip. Enjoy YPHOT #4!

Listen to all the music in the playlist YPHOT: YOSCHA PRESENTS HITS OF TOMORROW #4.

?? (FR): Jiddy – La Formule ft. Gros Mo & Billy Bats
This one has a progressive drive and reminds me of marching music. I get the „Move-Bitch-Get-Out-The-Way-Feeling“ and I want to kick or throw something. Energy!


?? (FR): Nepal – Rien d’Spécial #LaxVision
The song and the video are so hypnotic and calming that you can get lost in it. Is „Rien d’Special“ something to eat like Frietjes Speciaal (Dutchies know)? Awesome drops. Awesome silence. Awesome song.


?? (UK): Kwamz & Flava – She’s On Fire
„Somebody brings some water!“ Afro vibes from the UK. I can’t stand still when I listen to music like this. It gives me good vibes and makes me smile.


?? (CH): Higher Brothers x Famous Dex – Made In China (Prod. Richie Souf)
This video comes with surprise after surprise and includes subtitles for the ones who do not understand Chinese. It was just to funny not to include it. „From head to toe something gotta be made in China.“ Word!


?? (CA): Ramriddlz – Habaesha (Prod. Jaegen & Krs.)
„Her ass a ten, hot cayenne!“ Some of you might know the song „Sweeterman“ from Drake? It’s originally from Mr. Ramriddlz. If you like the dancehall vibe check his SoundCloud for more ?.


?? (US): Pouya x Ghostemane – 1000 Rounds
I guess the audience on live gigs must turn up like on a metal concert. In this example I don’t feel like the machine gun flow is just a show-off of the skills of the artists. It’s a stylistic device which makes sense in the context of the song.


?? (BE): Damso – N. J Respect R
I love to listen to his words even if I don’t understand anything, because he creates a beautiful melody with it. The vibe is so calming and hypnotic that I’m closing my eyes listening to this song.


?? (IT): Achille Lauro – Ulalala feat. Gemitaiz
Laura says that the lyrics are disturbing: „Sta weed e‘ talmente arancione che sembra una pesca = This weed is that orange that it looks like a peach.“ I don’t care, I love the sweet vibe and I already had a slight guess that the song is about drugs ?.


?? (NL): Yung Nnelg – Forrest Gump ft. Bokoesam
Shoutout to my dutch plug Guus who never disappoints with his recommendations. The beat already tells me that he must be busy. Busy getting money, that is for sure.


?? (UK): Lethal Bizzle – I Win ft. Skepta
Grime music at its best. Also impossible to stand still listening to this song. They come with a lot of motorbikes, a lot of energy and a strong british accent.

I hope you enjoyed YPHOT #4
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*The Tinie Tempah quote is from the Backspin Interview: “Tinie Tempah schaut Videos von 187 Strassenbande, Bushido, Fler, Marteria, Ufo361 uvm.”. It is a comment to the Ufo361 song „Für die Gang ft. GZUZ“ which starts at 13:40.

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