Which one is the best? The Wireless, Woo Hah! or the Splash! Festival?


Hey there! I’m back to reality. Festival Season is over and I finally recovered. I had the opportunity to visit the Wireless, the Woo Hah! and the Splash! festival. Even if they all were hip hop festivals they had major differences. Check the article for my report and the comparison to find out which one is the most appealing for you. Enjoy!


Wireless Woo Hah! Splash!
Venue Arena Former Trainstation Island
Number of Stages 2 5 5
Number of Days 2 2 4
Headliners The Weeknd, Justin Bieber Bryson Tiller, Travis Scott K.I.Z., Marteria, Sido
City Frankfurt/Main (GER) Tilburg (NL) Gräfenhainichen (GER)
Camping No No Yes
Number of Repetitions 1 4 20
Date 24.06.17-25.06.17 30.06.17-01.07.17 06.07.17-09.07.17
Number of Visitors 34000 15000 25000

The Commercial One

The Wireless Festival was the first one I attended this year. It is the one with the most pop appeal and the biggest stars. The most outstanding ones were Justin Bieber and The Weeknd. My highlight was definitely to see Bieber because I probably wouln’t have attended a solo concert of him. The Bieber Fever with fainting and screaming fans is real.


Concerning the organization of the festival I sadly had the impression that they cared more about the business side than the cultural aspect of the festival itself. Why would you want to kill the vibe by not playing music between the concerts? To be fair, it was the first time they organised it so they will probably improve the next time.

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The International One

The Woo Hah! Festival was the second one I attended. Even if it was just a two day festival, the lineup was packed with international artists. I had the impression that the crowd was not only the most diverse but also the most excited one. Moreover, it seemed like they had an equal gender balance and for sure the most visitors with a sense for fashion.

Since the Dutchman have a well established festival culture, the Woo Hah! was very well organized. For e.g, they had cash machines so that you could withdraw coins withoug queuing up. Unfortunately, the festival area already closed at 00:30 when the mood was still hyped. It was the first hip hop Festival that I visited outside of Germany.

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The German One

The splash!Festival was the third one I visited and it was my fourth time going there. The main difference to the other festivals was the camping part (four days). At a certain point, I just became one entity with the dust and I was totally sucked into a different reality. This year the lineup was quite unexclusive because most the artists booked were already in Germany.

Therefore, the campsite experience and the late night DJs/parties were the more exciting part. The audience was mostly a stiff sausage fest and if it was not for performances of „new generation artists“ where mosh pits were involved, it was almost quiet between songs. Next year I would like to see more international artists at the festival.

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To sum it up, I’m happy that I had the chance to attend all the festivals. It was a intensive exciting and exhausting season. I can look back to sweet experiences and open questions like: “What happens to all the refund cans and the camping goods left behind?” Next year I’ll find a sponsor, a car and a camera man and then I’ll do a documentary of four different hip hop festivals in four different countries. All the festivals should offer free WiFi, water and electricity not only for their visitor’s good but also for themselves as people stay hydrated and do all the social media marketing for them. Already looking forward to the next season!

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