🇳🇱, 🇺🇸, 🇬🇧, 🇨🇦, 🇬🇷, 🇫🇷 It’s the first Friday of the month again folks, which means it’s YPHOT time! International hits from all over the globe. Even if my latest episode is always my favourite, I have to highlight that playlist #7 really gets me dancing. I’m excited because it’s the first time that I included an artist from Greece.

This time we have a journey from the Netherlands, to the United States, the United Kingdom, to Canada, to Greece and to France. Thanks to my awesome Italian co-author Laura and everyone who fed me with new musical input. Click the artists‘ name to get to their Facebook page. Enjoy YPHOT #7!

Listen to all the music in the playlist YPHOT: YOSCHA PRESENTS HITS OF TOMORROW #7.

🇳🇱 (NL) Bridde Boys – Pit Stop
This song sets me in such a good mood that there was no question including it to this episode. They are  quite a huge gang: S. El Feki, D. van Hest, B. Krijgsman, J. van Dijk, J. Zwiersen, E. Smit and G. Rodriguez.

🇺🇸 (US) $teven Cannon – Blue Dolphin
I wish I had long hair. The drops hit that hard that I want to start headbanging. He seems to be around Los Angeles and Ohio as his Instagram says. Check his Soundcloud for more bangers.

Crazy fucking savages. Weirdness level on a 💯. Soundcloud rapper end bosses. It’s a little bit trashy but still catchy. Tripple Redd just released an album called „A Love Letter To You“ and check Teka$hi69 for more crazy shit.

🇬🇧 (UK) Dave – Tequila
Fist time I heard of Dave was in the music video for „Wanna Know„. I’m sure that I discovered the track before Drake, but he did a remix whith him and not me… Tequila has a nice summer vibe. Arriba!

🇨🇦 (CA) Majid Jordan (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR) – One I Want
Majid Jordan and Partynextdoor are Drake affiliates and signed to his label OVO. I still have Majid Jordans EP „A Place Like This“ on my phone and it’ll last there even longer. This is a single from the upcoming album.

🇨🇦 (CA) dripxxxx – Ricky Bobby
Stop! Banger time! Give me something to throw or to kick. I need to relief my aggressions coming up listening to this. Make sure to check the ELEVATOR Youtube channel. They have new heat every fucking day.

🇬🇧 (UK) Skata – Skank Anywhere
I did not know that „skank“ is a dance but this one definitely gets me going. Super progressive and driving. I won’t skank everywhere but for sure it got me dancing in my flat!

🇺🇸 (US) Deniro Farrar – Gentrification
This young man has a remarcable dark and low voice. The video is impressive and emotional as well. More to be found on „Mind of A Gemini II„, his his latest release. „Ain’t nobody ever ready. You just got to do it.“

🇬🇷 (GR) Light – Ποιός Eίμαι
They are everywhere! Never heard a Greek song like this. And I did not recognize the language just by listening to the song. It seems like the topics concerning young man from all over the world are quite similar.

🇫🇷 (FR) O’Boy – Cobra
Rrrrrrrah! How old is he? This one has a relaxed but powerful vibe. I chose it over „Myth Syzer – Le Code Ft. Bonnie Banane, Ichon & Muddy Monk“ and „Rout’s Wayne – Juninho„.

I hope you enjoyed YPHOT #7
For more music see my previous YPHOT posts.
Feel free to send me suggestions or feedback to „yoscha at“.
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We’ll see and hear each other next month!

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