🇬🇧, 🇺🇸, 🇳🇱, 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪, 🇮🇩 Hello everyone welcome back to a new episode of YOSCHA PRESENTS: HITS OF TOMORROW. It’s already the eighth time that I have the pleasure to show you my monthly series of music recommendations from all over the globe. For the first time in my series the majority of the included artists are German.

This time we have a journey from the United Kingdom, to the United States, to the Netherlands, to France, to Germany and to Indonesia. Thanks to my awesome and beautiful Italian co-author Laura and everyone who fed me with new musical input. I recently discovered the blogs Znova and Arianoknows, which I strongly recommend to check out for good music as well. Click the artists‘ name to get to their Facebook/ Instagram page. Enjoy YPHOT #8!

Listen to all the music in the playlist YPHOT: YOSCHA PRESENTS HITS OF TOMORROW #8.

🇬🇧 (UK) S Loud – Bizzerk
S Loud is an artist from London who released his latest project „Dirty World“ in 2016. The song „Bizzerk“ is a melodramatic hymn for the trap houses. „Trap line doing numbers, Trap line going berserk!“ Thx to Leon (and Babak) for this recommendation.

🇺🇸 (US) Kodie Shane – Drip On My Walk
This lady is only 18 years old and from Atlanta. With „Drip On My Walk“ the first lady of Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team released a cheesy and catchy tune of her „Zero Gravity“ project.“ I discovered her on this list: „Top 20 Hottest Female Rappers in America„.

🇳🇱 (NL) Tellem – Bewegen ft. Ali B (prod. Yung Felix)
This one has an awesome melody. It’s super peaceful and sounds like a lullaby. Besides Noah’s Ark, the label where this song was released, I’m also following the labels Top Notch and Rotterdam Airlines (Music Group).

🇫🇷 (FR) Hiro – Molo
This one has a positive vibe and is perfect for the summer. If you are in a bad mood, you’ll have a good one after listening to this song. Hiro is also part of the group BanaC4 and will release his solo album „De La Haine à L’amour“ on the 27 of October 2017.

🇩🇪 (GER) Yung Hurn – Ok Cool (prod. Stickle)
Yung Hurn is one of the most exciting and diverse artists in Germany. He has several projects or aliases like „K. RONALDO“ and „The Love Hotel Band“ with a different style of music but this one reminds me of his break through song „Nein„.

🇺🇸 (US) YFN Lucci – Everyday We Lit (Official Video) ft. PnB Rock
Another summer hit with all the the tipical music video ingredients: A strip club scene, a Yacht scene and a lot of models. Pretty predictable but the song is still fire. YFN Lucci is from Atlanta and PnB Rock is from Philadelphia.

🇩🇪 (GER) BHZ – GANJA (prod. THEMBA & MONK)
BHZ is a gang of yungstars from Berlin. In the video Monk, Ion Miles and Dead Dawg are the ones performing, while Big Pat, Longus Monugs, Max on the Beats and Samy are the rest of the crew.  Their tape „Bananashake“ is out now.

🇮🇩 (ID) Rich Chigga – Glow Like Dat
Rich Chigga is an artist from Indonesia who had his break through with the controversial song „Dat $tick„. He starded doing music with an ironical approach (he is a comedian as well) but moved on to more serious songs like this one.

🇩🇪 (GER) LIMIT & LÜ RIQUE – Mach Mir Nicht Auf Nr. (prod. by AYFA)
This one has a scary dark energy and it is straight from the streets of Berlin. I really like the bridge performed by Lü Rique and I recommend checking out his Soundcloud. Their upcoming collabo project is called „LL„.

🇬🇧 (UK) J Spades – Strength [Music Video] @Real_Jspades | Link Up TV

„Strength ‚cause niggers dying in the streets, strength, some of my enemies can’t sleep, ‚cause I’ve been on the roads all week, and my enemies are all weak, got a lot of niggers that be on the roads, and a lots of niggers underneath, I needed the strength.“

I hope you enjoyed YPHOT #8
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