It’s again the first friday of the month which means it’s time for the ninth episode of YOSCHA PRESENTS: HITS OF TOMORROW! These hits are recommendations from all over the world (🇳🇱, 🇮🇸, 🇺🇸, 🇵🇷, 🇬🇧, 🇰🇷, 🇮🇹, 🇦🇺) and this time we have four newcomers countries to this series: Iceland, Puerto Rico, Korea and Australia. Enjoy the music!

Sometimes I have the impression that my network embraces the whole world. I feel like I know the music from all over the world, but then I just check the lineup for the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). I assumed that a dutch festival for electronical music can tell me nothing about their HipHop scene but my research proved me wrong. It seems like that there is unlimited creative potential and that is something which gives me an optimistic forecast for our future.

This time our journey leads us from the the Netherlands, to Iceland, to the United States, to Puerto Rico, to the United Kingdom, to Korea, to Italy and to Australia. Thanks to Lenny and Charlotte for giving me feedback, thanks to my awesome and beautiful Italian co-author Laura and thanks to arianoknows (Your hastag game inspired me!). Click the artists‘ name to get to their Facebook page. Enjoy YPHOT #9!

Listen to all the music the Spotify/ Deepsify playlist Hits Of Tomorrow🔥,
or in in the Youtube playlist YPHOT: YOSCHA PRESENTS HITS OF TOMORROW #9

🇳🇱 (NL) Yung Felix – Kow Gwe (ft. Aziz Wrijving)
„Kow Gew“ is dedicated to my awesome and beautiful Italian co-author Laura (yes, she’s my girlfriend). Every time this song comes up she starts shaking what her mama gave her and honestly – who can blame her? You will do the same!

🇮🇸 (IS) Aron Can – Fullir Vasar
„Fullir Vasar“ is a split video for two super spherical hits. I recommend to close your eyes and to allow yourself to fall into the vibe. You’ll probably like it if you like The Weeknd. Someone knows where the video was shot? I need to go there!

🇺🇸 (US) Bobby Raps – Desensitized
„Desensitized“ is also a split video with an artist having The Weeknd relations. Even if the song is composed with multile complex intense expressions of the artists you will have no doubt about what to feel. I was destroying my imaginary interior design!

🇵🇷 (PR) Farruko, Bad Bunny, Rvssian – Krippy Kush
„Krippy Kush“ is the feel-good-flex-soundtrack. The 350 Million views can give you an impression about the „reach“ of the „spanish culture“. Thanks to my cusin Claire (who lives in Mexico) for letting me know where to start my research!

🇬🇧 (UK) Sneakbo Ft Giggs – Active
„Active“ is a Mad Ting! A threatening banger for the strangers in the night hitting shady strip clubs. Of course everyone can enjoy the song but that’s the picture painted in my head listening to this song. Could be on the Sin City soundtrack!

🇰🇷 (KR) Hoody (후디) – 한강 (HANGANG)
„Hangang“ has a cheesy R&B flavour and takes you straight back to the nineties. Thanks to my friend Marc (Souluvmuziq mastermind) for sharing this finding. I recommend to check out our (sadly only german) interview with him.

🇮🇹 (IT) Enzo Dong – Italia Uno
Fist thing I did listening to „Italia Uno“ was picking up my phone. Fake call someone and use your other wide spread arm to dance in circles where ever you are. Thanks to Christopher from the WTP! facebook group for opening the „Italian Rap“ thread.

🇦🇺 (AU) Split Figure – Brûlée feat. LBFRmikey
„Brûlée“ feels like sitting in front of Gengar who’s hypnotizing you. Thanks to Ethan from the WTP! facebook group for sharing his video. Check Soundcloud for his latest EP „Crème De La Crème“ and hit him up if you got these phonk beats!

🇳🇱 (NL) Ares – Camera’s
„Camera’s“ has a melodramatic but welcoming vibe recommended to enjoy with closed eyes. Besides the Lyrics Ares is responsible for the production (in cooperation with Skiba), the mix and master, the direction and the editing. Crazy!

🇬🇧 (UK) scarlxrd – THE PURGE [Prod. RVFF FVRGO]
„The Purge“ is a masterpiece of disturbing aggressive Energy. scarlxrd is part of the new generation of rappers including screaming and other elements formerly beeing closely attached to Metal music into their style.

🇳🇱 (NL) Cloud Cukkoo – Obsessions
This one is a personal (off-topic) recommendation. I got into contact with Jori (the lead singer) in order to support them while touring through Germany. I failed… It’s a shame because their music is incredibly powerful and lovingly composed!

I hope you enjoyed YPHOT #9
For more music see my previous YPHOT posts.
Feel free to send me suggestions or feedback to „yoscha at“.
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We’ll see and hear each other next month!

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