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Who is Nick Weaver coming all the way from Seattle over L.A. to Germany wearing an Eintracht Frankfurt Jersey in his Tour promo video? He is an artist, he is a performer, he is a producer and a guy like you and me. Check out our interview for information about his HipHop approach, his self-perception and the tour dates in Bad Nauheim on the 10th and 11th of November 2017.

In 2016, 330724 Spotify listeners streamed 9.8 years of his music. The first release that I found online was „Forever Automatic in 2012, followed by his debut „Day One, None“ in 2013, by “Yardwork” 2015, „Prowler“ in 2016 and „Photographs Of Other People“ 2017. Besides that you can find side projects and freestyles on his Youtube account. You’ll find the tour date infos at the end of the article.

WebsiteFacebook – Twitter – Instagram Spotify  Soundcloud Youtube  auf RUN FFM

When asked about the style of his music he says it has a Kendrick Lamar, James Blake and Jamie XX touch and is for any fans of Hip-Hop, R&B and even Electronic Music. The list of artists he likes and is inspired by is long and diverse: From Depeche Mode, Mozart, N.W.A., The National, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, Mobb Deep, to Eminem.* Let’s jump in with the interview.

Can you tell me something about your family- and your educational-background?

I grew up outside of the city of Seattle in the United States. I have two older brothers, a mother, and a father – they all live in Seattle area. My father was a scientist for the United States Geological Survey and my mother was a writer/technical editor. I studied marketing at a college in Seattle, which lead me to a business career before I got super serious about music when I moved to L.A.

It seems like you had a productivity boost since 2016 judging from you youtube output. What happened?

I became much more self-sustained as an artist. I taught myself how to produce instrumentals, so I could pretty much do it all. That process was (and still is) so inspiring and motivating to me. It re-ignited my creativity; the desire to try new stuff.

What do you think people feel when they listen to your music?

I hope they hear someone who puts a lot of themselves out there. Music is such an incredible thing to be able to do, so you really gotta go all in. I hope people hear someone who really loves the process of making music, and someone who is constantly working at creating their own style of sound.

You seem to be a dedicated person thinking about you inspirational and motivational talks on Youtube. Why did you decide to share those thoughts with your audience?

I love talking about the process of being creative. I love sitting down with fellow artists, business owners, even friends who have big dreams in other fields. It’s motivating, and it keeps me driven. I created the #WorkFlow series as a way to let people see that side, and to show them that “Nick Weaver” the artist is also very human.

In Yardwork BTS: Ep 4 – The Show you say the following: “Everyday shit that I know a lot of people relate to. It’s just real life shit. Keeping that theme, maturation, coming of age, figuring out what is important in life and sort of casting away the rest of the bullshit.” Would you say that you are a normal guy?

I would like to think so, yes. Everybody has their own quirks and eccentric parts to them, I have no shortage of my own. I like that about people though.

It’s not hard to figure out that you are a sports fan. On your IG are a lot of pictures showing you in jerseys of many different teams. Are you also practicing sports?

I used to play a lot of sports – soccer (properly called football in your country), and basketball. I am short, so I always play sports with a big chip on my shoulder!


There is one thing that we are especially interested in: Where did you got this awesome Eintracht Frankfurt jersey from? Good choice!

Haha, I knew RUNFFM would like that! So in the States you can actually order the Bundesliga kits without sponsor logos on them. Eintracht Frankfurt is my team for life! When I toured Germany in 2016 I promised myself that if I got to see a Bundesliga team play at home, that team was going to be my squad – and it just so happened to be Eintracht that I got to see. The fans were so amazing, it was like a spiritual sporting experience for me. Frankfurt has been my team ever since. I even got to see them do a friendly match in my hometown against the Seattle Sounders.

How did some of your videos end up at the german entertainment and gamer channel RELOADIAK?

Christian (RELOADIAK) is a homie. He has been such a great support to me. He initially found my music when it was featured in a Super Street Magazine car video a few years back. He really liked it and contacted me about asking to use it. He had so many amazing fans there that really liked my music, so we built a relationship where he was cool with posting some of my content on his channel.

Which kind of relationship do you have with Germany? What made you tour here and not in another European country?

The fans I have in Germany are so supportive. They show me so much love on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, FB, everywhere. I love them for that. They created the opportunity for me to go somewhere else in the world and play music. I can’t even describe how grateful I am for the fans! The tour had to be in Germany!


It seems like you’re doing more than just rapping. You contacted me, I saw storyboards on your IG, you are playing instruments and you are producing? Is it a necessary evil or do you need to be in control of all the work?

I think independent artists should be in control of as much as they think they can still be happy with. I certainly think there are things like videos and photography that you need to leave to the pros. But there are so many tools these days to help you create your content. It’s all one YouTube tutorial away.

Even if your doing a lot on your own you probably have a team or people that you trust and work with. Who are these people and how do they help you?

My manager Austin Hurwitz is a lifesaver, extremely professional, and an incredibly hard worker. He keeps me honest about my process too. My good friend Ryan Skut shoots a ton of my stuff. He shot all the artwork for the Photographs Of Other People project. I still have a core group of my best childhood friends and my family who come to all of my shows in my hometown in the states, that support after all these years means so much.

Do you still have your full time job and what is it about?

I have been lucky enough to do music mostly full time at this point in my career. Every once in a while I do contract work on the side for corporate event planning.


The first video on your Youtube channel supports a foundation called “Growing Veterans”, you released an EP dedicated to the movie “The Rock” and you can be seen shooting a rifle on your IG. What do you think about the army and weapons in general?

You really did your homework on me! Growing Veterans is a great organization in the States started by my childhood friend Christopher –  a US Marine veteran who wanted to help other military veterans back home. The USA still does not give our military veterans the resources they need after service. They struggle with mental health, finding work, and many other problems when they come home. Chris created Growing Veterans to find work for former military folks in agricultural and farming industries. Our military has endured a lot on behalf of our country’s decisions, it’s important for me to support groups like Growing Veterans.

Despite that IG photo, I am very anti-guns. Somehow, someway, the United States is going to have to figure out how to decrease gun violence. Literally as I write this answer, I am seeing a news update about another public shooting in a church. Gun violence is the saddest most senseless shit, and the United States needs real leadership to change this issue.

„HipHop Jam VII“
Freitag, 10.11.2017, Einlass: 19:30 Uhr
Jugendhaus Alte Feuerwache, Johannisstrasse 5, 61231 Bad Nauheim

„Fashion by relict with Nick Weaver DJ Set“
Samstag, 11.11.2017, Einlass: 21:00 Uhr
Fashion Caffe Bar, Reinhardstraße 10, 61231 Bad Nauheim

To get an even more tangible picture of your persona I would like you to share something about you that you do not highlight on social media. Guilty pleasures, secrets, things that you want to improve?

I love old video games. I just bought a Super Nintendo yesterday, because I still have all my old SNES games from growing up. And I’m not talking about that little “Super Nintendo Classic” that comes pre-loaded with 20 games. I went and bought the OG system on eBay.

I still miss my Honda Civic, which is immortalized in my Prowler, Yardwork, and Day, One None albums. I owned that car for 10 years, a whole decade! I am going to get a tattoo of it.

I just recently watched the entire Friday Night Lights TV series for the first time. It’s the closest thing to a soap opera that I vibe with.

Thank you for your time and the intresting insights!

Thank you so much for this opportunity, I know it is in on short notice as well so I really appreciate you doing this!

*If you would like to know even more about Nick Weaver you can check out his interviews with respectmyregiondistinctionmgmtilluminati2g and therealhip-hop. Thanks to my awesome and beautiful Italian co-author Laura for cross-reading!

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