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I’m happy to finally share my experiences of the Amsterdam Dance Event with you. Let me give you insights of the live performances and conferences, my personal and business meetings and my praises and critics. Enjoy the report about the third edition of the ADE Beats festival dedicated to Hip-Hop’s Global Moment.

My ADE adventure started on thursday with the TopNotch X Noah’s Ark X Universal Music festival. The Waterkant venue is a cozy bar directly at a canal where James Watss and Leafs performed after a Yung Felix DJ set. Again they proofed my theory that I don’t need to understand the lyrics in order to feel the music.

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On friday I visited the talk “Hip-Hop’s Global Moment” by Romain Bilharz, CEO Island Africa, Island France and Motown France, and Kees de Koning, founder and owner of Top Notch in The Netherlands, who were talking about the topic that I’m preaching since 10 episodes of YPHOT. Like Romain would say: “Emotion is universal”.


I met like minded people from The Netherlands, France, The United Kingdom, Spain and many more. They had titles like “change agent” or “musician psychiatrists” that I didn’t even know were existing. Moreover, the ADE has a huge delegate database where all accredited people are listed so that you can do research to link up with each other.

I put a lot of effort into setting up my ADE account on the website but sadly the ADE app was not connected to the same database. Besides that I had a hard copy map, a general daily program and specific venue information sheets. A more consistent and personalized information policy, so that I don’t drown in info, would be nice next time.

It would be super awesome if the ADE could stream or record the conferences so that I can enjoy the ones that I missed. All in all it’s outstanding that the ADE creates a platform for people from all over the world to connect with people who share the same interests. I’m already looking forward to the Amsterdam Dance Event next year.

Thanks to ADE and all of the beautiful people I got to know!

Shoutout to Zanillya for the hallway rap performance, to the producer Lpaca for the most outstanding business card, to Mohamed Halidi from uncuthiphop, to the psychiatrist Patricia Hermans, to student Eekfe De Bont, to marketer Harold de Boer, to the change agent Eddie de Graaf for the inspiring conversations, to the lawyer Maya Hernandez Moreno for the incredible business card marketing game, to the ADE Beats general manager Aldo Bruining for the information, to Romain Bilharz and Kees de Koning for the exciting talk about Hip-Hop’s Global Moment, to Saul Van Stapele for the entertaining moderation, Maarten Greve for organizing the Hackathon and my Hackathon team Linda, Jessica, Skip, Gael and Glenn

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