Welcome back to the tenth episode of YOSCHA PRESENTS: HITS OF TOMORROW! These hits are recommendations from all over the world (🇮🇹, 🇩🇪, 🇺🇸, 🇵🇹, 🇫🇷, 🇬🇧, 🇷🇺, 🇹🇷, 🇳🇬) and don’t worry if you don’t understand the language. They use their voice as an instrument and you can feel the emotions they want to express😊.  Enjoy the tunes!

This time our journey leads us from Italy, to Germany, America, Portugal, France, The United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey and Nigeria. Thanks to everyone who gives me valuable input and to my awesome and beautiful Italian co-author Laura. Click the artists‘ name to get to their Facebook/ social media pages. Enjoy YPHOT #10!

Listen to all the music the Spotify/ Deepsify playlist Hits Of Tomorrow🔥,
or in in the Youtube playlist YPHOT: YOSCHA PRESENTS HITS OF TOMORROW #10.

🇮🇹 (IT) SUGO GANG – 420 (Prod. NΛRDI)
Ehyyy. Uhhh. Yaaah. Thats how I feel about this hit from MamboLosco, Nashley, Edo Fendy and Kerim produced by NΛRDIChristopher Caravella, do you wanna be my official Italian plug? You’re always delivering that tasty stuff! Grazie!

🇩🇪 (GER) HAIYTI – 100.000 Fans
The first song I ever heard of Haiyti was „Szeneviertel“ and I was so excited that I immediately bought her tape „Havarie„. Sometimes I have the impression that less releases would be better but this one is convincing from the looks to the sound.

🇩🇪 (GER) Faron – Hola Hola
Faron just turned eighteen but already has a sound design like the big ones! I’m already looking forward to the upcoming release „Glumanda“ 🚀🚀🚀. Shoutout to Igor Botur from Trap Or Die for sharing it (btw: next party in Frankfurt is at 25.11.17)!

🇺🇸 (US) Bill $aber – Red Light, Green Light
Bill $aber is from New York (Buffalo) and you’ll probably like him, if you enjoy Night Lovell music. I don’t know how many layers of his voice are on the track but it sounds incredibly dark and full. I imagine a deamon talking like that.

🇵🇹 (PT) Karetus x Wet Bed Gang – Maluco
When I showed the Karetus x Wet Bed Gang collaboration to my sister we we’re twerking in the fucking kitchen. This one gets you dancing from minute one but if your still not moving from minute 2:40 please unfriend me. Thanks!

🇫🇷 (FR) Kalash – Mwaka Moon ft. Damso
Kalash and Damso have such melodic and warm voices that this tune almost has a lullaby character. Shoutout to Felix Englert who was the first one putting this one on my timeline before I tumbled over it everywhere else.

🇬🇧 (UK) Ramz – Barking
Ramz song „Barking“ (suburban town in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham) is one of the catchiest tunes I have heard in a while. Luckily the lyrics are easy to learn so you can sing along by the first time listening to it!

🇷🇺 (RU) T-Fest – Улети
I found this one by digging the Russian Shazam Top 100. Kees de Koning (Top Notch) gave me the hint to check Shazam because I asked Romain Bilharz (Island Africa, Island France) where to find out more about the sound of the different African countries.

🇹🇷 (TR) Ezhel – Şehrimin Tadı
I really like the diversity of the beat and Ezhels rap parts. Shoutout to Helen from TheMessage my official plug for HipHop for Turkey 😜. She says he’s the only one with that kind of sound over there.

🇳🇬 (NG) Olamide – Wo!!
During the Global HipHip Moment conference during ADE Beats, Romain Bilharz (Island Africa, Island France) mentioned that many people are talking about Afrobeats, as if I would be a thing from one country. Africa has 54. This one is from Nigeria.

I hope you enjoyed YPHOT #10
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We’ll see and hear each other next month!

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